Cafe bar Kazan cheap

Cafe bar Kazan cheap

Cafe bar Kazan cheap

Cafe bar Kazan cheap. Prefer to sing good in karaoke? Want to feel like a spectacular vocalist? Your soul is systematically sound tracks of your favorite artists?

Karaoke Ostrovsky, you can easily spend: dinner, DR, the Banquet company, bachelorette party and more. В Островском можно добротно получить удовольствие в вечер выходного дня в дружной компании коллег по работе и на несколько часов стать профессиональными певицами и певцами!

We have arranged a stylish room (on 100 people), equipped with quality equipment and lighting equipment, где можно здорово затянуть любимые песни.

Ostrovsky is waiting for You! Themed strip show, free karaoke on the weekends, 15 percent bonuses for the whole menu and karaoke to Your birthday party, the best tracks beloved of artists and cool aura!

In order, to make our guests feel comfortable, we have developed a mobile application, you can order table, order food from the menu, to book any of the smash-hit catalog of songs, add it in “favorites”.

Spacious, stylish and cosy common room, the best dishes from different world cuisines, a large cocktail list with a huge number of drinks, professional staff, and, of course, giant karaoke menu, most modern sound equipment and a great holiday atmosphere – all this – karaoke club Ostrovsky!

Karaoke-Restaurant-Bar-Club Ostrovsky – this is the best solution for any celebration and weekend evenings. Come and see!