Cafe on the street Tatarstan Kazan

Cafe on the street Tatarstan Kazan

Cafe on the street Tatarstan Kazan

Cafe on the street Tatarstan Kazan. Ostrovskiy will be happy to have You! Fashion gala show, free karaoke at the weekend, 15% discount on food and karaoke at the Birthday party, самые лучшие треки обожаемых певцов и крутая обстановка!

В этом караоке-баре вы можете с легкостью заказать: corporate, bachelorette party, Banquet, birthday and much more. У нас можно попросту расслабиться в вечер выходного дня в славном кругу своих родственников и на несколько часов сделаться высококлассными артистами и артистками!

Your attention is invited to the great hall (on 100 people), equipped with modern appliances and lighting equipment, where will not present work is great to celebrate the holiday.

Из ванной комнаты постоянно слышны песни обожаемых исполнителей? I prefer to sing songs in karaoke? Решили почувствовать себя эффектным артистом?

In order, to make our guests feel comfortable, we have developed an application for smartphone, giving you the opportunity to order, to reserve a table, to order any hit from a catalog, add it to favorites.

Spacious, stylish and cosy common room, the best dishes from different world cuisines, a large cocktail list with a huge number of drinks, professional staff, and, of course, giant karaoke menu, most modern sound equipment and a great holiday atmosphere – all this – karaoke club Ostrovsky!

Karaoke-Restaurant-Bar-Club Ostrovsky – this is the best solution for any celebration and weekend evenings. Come and see!