Cafe pasta Kazan official

Cafe pasta Kazan official

Cafe pasta Kazan official

Cafe pasta Kazan official. Want to sing songs in karaoke? There is a desire to feel cool singer? From the bathroom tirelessly hear hits from the beloved artists?

Restaurant Ostrovskiy gladly accept all! Interesting show program, freestuff karaoke on Saturday and Friday, 15 percent discount on food and karaoke at Your Birthday feast, the best songs of your favorite singers and cheerful aura!

In the karaoke club will not present work to carry out: corporate event, devishnik, dinner, DR and more. In Ostrovsky you can just relax on Saturday in the glorious surroundings of pals and a couple of hours to become high-class singers!

We have built a huge hall (a hundred people), equipped with lighting equipment and professional equipment, where you can nicely tighten good songs.

For convenience, we designed the app to your smartphone, which will allow customers to book a table, to order any of the tracks from registry, to enable this track to favorites, meals.

Spacious, stylish and cosy common room, the best dishes from different world cuisines, a large cocktail list with a huge number of drinks, professional staff, and, of course, giant karaoke menu, most modern sound equipment and a great holiday atmosphere – all this – karaoke club Ostrovsky!

Karaoke-Restaurant-Bar-Club Ostrovsky – this is the best solution for any celebration and weekend evenings. Come and see!