A cafe in the Kazan Kremlin

A cafe in the Kazan Kremlin

A cafe in the Kazan Kremlin

A cafe in the Kazan Kremlin. Dream is to feel a great singer? From the bathroom regularly hear songs beloved performers? Like tighten good favorite songs in karaoke?

Ostrovskiy welcomed by all! Amazing program, freestuff karaoke on the weekends, 15% the action on the karaoke and going to the Birthday feast, the best songs of beloved artists and the festive aura!

In Ostrovsky You can spend: bachelorette party, birthday, corporate party, dinner and more. We can optimally relax on Friday in the friendly company of her work colleagues and a couple of hours to become professional artists and performers!

In addition, We offer a chic lounge (to 100 guests), equipped with modern appliances and lighting equipment, where you can perfectly spend time in the company of your dearest friends.

In order, to customers conveniently, we have developed a mobile application, which will allow customers to order food, to book a table, to order a desired song from the given registry, to include this composition in “favorites”.

Spacious, stylish and cosy common room, the best dishes from different world cuisines, a large cocktail list with a huge number of drinks, professional staff, and, of course, giant karaoke menu, most modern sound equipment and a great holiday atmosphere – all this – karaoke club Ostrovsky!

Karaoke-Restaurant-Bar-Club Ostrovsky – this is the best solution for any celebration and weekend evenings. Come and see!