Restaurant steak Kazan

Restaurant steak Kazan

Restaurant steak Kazan

Restaurant steak Kazan. Karaoke Ostrovskiy cardio will take all! Cool shows, free karaoke on the weekends, 15 percent of action on food and karaoke at Your Birthday feast, the best tracks of your favorite artists and incredible atmosphere!

Karaoke Ostrovsky You can order: dinner, corporate party, birthday, bachelorette party and more. In Ostrovsky you can simply obtain pleasure in the day in the pleasant surroundings of friends and for a couple of hours to become highly skilled performers and artists!

We have arranged a chic lounge (on 100 people), equipped with light fittings and modern equipment, where is an ideal place to celebrated your occasion.

There is a desire to feel a classy singer? Prefer to perform your favorite songs good karaoke? The bathroom is systematically heard songs favorite artists?

In order to, we have created an app on a smartphone, you can order from the restaurant menu, to reserve a table, to order any of the greatest hits from our e-catalogue, to add this song to “favorites”.

Spacious, stylish and cosy common room, the best dishes from different world cuisines, a large cocktail list with a huge number of drinks, professional staff, and, of course, giant karaoke menu, most modern sound equipment and a great holiday atmosphere – all this – karaoke club Ostrovsky!

Karaoke-Restaurant-Bar-Club Ostrovsky – this is the best solution for any celebration and weekend evenings. Come and see!